When the first bombs began to fall on Ukraine, my friend, President Zelensky stood in the face of aggression and became the voice of a nation. When asked by allied countries if he wanted a way out, he replied, “I need ammunition, not a ride.

Weeks into this horrific war, President Zelensky has kept his promise to stay and defend Ukraine. But millions of Ukrainians are desperate. They need food, water, blankets, medicine, and other basic supplies to survive the ongoing aggression.

As someone of Ukrainian heritage, I knew I needed to do something. By donating through The Winnick Foundation, your contribution will help to provide the things #ZelenskyNeeds to help the Ukrainian people until this humanitarian crisis comes to an end.

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Through The Winnick Foundation and working with these partners, your donations will go directly to help the people still in Ukraine and those that have fled the violence.

Save the Children

Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014. The immediate focus is on the 7.5 million children across the country and among them, those fleeing their homes, to provide all with shelter, food, and clean water.

Ukrainian World Congress

Established in 1967, the Ukrainian World Congress is the global voice for the Ukrainian people worldwide. As an international non-governmental organization, we represent the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians in the diaspora, unite Ukrainian communities and organizations in over 60 countries, and work to support a democratic, prosperous, European Ukraine. The UWC is recognized by the UN Economic and Social Council as a non-governmental organization with special consultative status and has a participatory status as an international non-governmental organization with the Council of Europe. Through our charitable arm, the Ukrainian World Foundation, the UWC delivers humanitarian aid to those in Ukraine who need it most.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps refugees and migrants affected by humanitarian crises to survive, recover, and rebuild their lives. In Poland and Ukraine, the IRC and local partners are assessing capacity and responding to refugees and people in need.


CORE Response

CORE responds immediately to support underserved communities across the globe. CORE is currently in Poland providing hygiene kits and emergency cash assistance to Ukrainian refugees so families can purchase life-saving items.


The Winnick family returns to their roots...


Our Vision

A safe world in which every woman and child can thrive.

Our Mission  

The Winnick Foundation is a grant-making organization that supports access to education, healthcare, and shelter for women and children around the world. 

Who We Are

The Winnick Foundation was founded by Katheryn Winnick and is a Fiscal Sponsorship Fund at the Edward Charles Foundation.

Currently, we are supporting organizations that are providing humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people affected by conflict.